You want to be free to use your money and pay wherever and whenever you want in complete security. There's nothing wrong with that! The Hello Prepaid card gives you this freedom by combining secure use with protection for your budget.

  • All the resources and experience of an internationally recognised brand name: MasterCard.
  • You can only use the amount available on your card, no exceptions. You can therefore never become overdrawn.
  • You use your card with the PIN you have chosen yourself.
  • Your Hello Prepaid card is totally separate from your current account. No link exists between them. There is therefore no way your current account can be emptied if your Hello Prepaid card is stolen.
  • Offline transactions are not permitted. This is because the payment facilities do not allow the card balance to be automatically verified before the transaction. Online approval is always required before the chip can be read.

Easy to use

You want to manage your money in your own way. Check your expenditure and plan your next spending when it suits you. And, above all, to be able to use your money easily. The Hello Prepaid card makes your job easier.

  • You can check your Hello Prepaid card at any time 24/7 thanks to the online management option.
  • Online management:
    • Monitoring transactions
    • Viewing the balance and spending
    • Reload the card
    • Re-issuing the PIN
    • Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card.
  • Hello Team support. You can contact the Hello Team experts on +32 2 433 41 45 (Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm) for any questions you have and about any situations in which you find yourself.
  • Easy in-store payments. You just need to put your card into the store’s payment terminal and confirm the amount by entering the PIN.
  • Easy payment for your online purchases. You just need to confirm the amount by giving your card number followed by your three-digit code on the online store’s website.

Budget control

You have fixed your budget and you intend to keep to it. So there is no question of leaving money doing nothing on your card, still less of allowing yourself to be tempted into making purchases on credit. With the Hello Prepaid card, you have come to the right place.

  • You decide the amounts to download onto the card and you top them up whenever you need to.
  • You do not store money unnecessarily on your card and you limit your expenditure to the amounts you transferred.
  • You can check your expenditure at any time thanks to the different User Account functions.
  • The Hello Prepaid card is not linked to any form of credit facility.


The prepaid card is available for everyone. Provided, of course, they are Hello bank! members and are at least 18 years' old. But being available also means as few formalities as possible. There is no need for a credit approval procedure to obtain the Hello Prepaid card since it is funded by your own money.