• You must be a Hello bank! member.
  • Each card is valid for 2 years. The physical Hello4You Prepaid Card is valid for 5 years. The card fees cover a period of 2 or 5 years. The card is not automatically renewed at the end of the second or fifth year. But you are warned by e-mail about its expiry in advance.
  • Any amounts held on the card after the card expiry date or after the contract terminates are automatically transferred to your Hello current account.
  • The maximum top-up limit per card is €5,000.
  • Topping up with the amount and at the time of your choice is done by a bank transfer through your User Account on the website by clicking on 'Top up'.
  • If the card is lost and a new card is applied for, the balance is automatically transferred from the old card to your new one.
  • You can cancel the card whenever you want by contacting the Hello Team on +32 2 433 41 45 (Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm). We recommend that you spend the balance before cancelling your card. It should be noted that cancelling your card results in termination of the contract.

Online management

  • Via your User Account, you can carry out the following transactions:
    • Check your available balance.
    • Check the details of your transactions and the amounts reserved for uncleared payments.
    • Block the card and replace it, for example in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged. A new card is issued automatically and will be sent to your home address within 10 working days.
    • Reissue the PIN if you have forgotten it. Your PIN will be sent to your home address within 5 working days.
  • How to use the User Account
    • The first time:
      • Click on Create your User Account.
      • Enter the customer number shown on your Hello bank card and your date of birth.
      • Choose a password with between 8 and 16 characters.
    • After that, just enter your customer number and password to connect directly each time. Two pieces of advice: to speed things up, save the link to your favourites and use the 'Remember me' button.
    • You can check your balance. It is easy and quick, thanks to the 'Express Balance' button.
    • You can manage your transactions. All the transactions carried out using the card can be monitored through your User Account. Records are available for the past six months. No account statement on paper is ever sent to your home address.
    • You can top up your card using the 'Top up' button. You then just need to follow the instructions to carry out the transfer.


Some payment terminals (which do not operate online online and therefore do not display the balance available on your card) do not yet accept prepaid cards:

  • your Hello Prepaid card cannot be used at most motorway toll terminals;
  • it will not be accepted by most car park terminals nor by drinks dispensers and similar.